How To Stop Wisdom Leakage Fully 

We have developed an itching tendency of fault finding, finger pointing, analyzing others’ mistakes, evil-eyeing, scratching, justifying, arguing, over convincing etc. This tendency of spending valuable time, attention and energy on useless or outside-our-control matters is what I refer as wisdom leakage.

Compulsively we spend more attention on what should be happening OR what others should do and not on what we should do – the only thing in our hands. Personal power is not just required in executing big projects but critically important when it comes to stopping on what we shouldn’t be doing.

Wisdom leakage not only eats up our energy and time but also demotivates and forces us into negative outlook towards the world and its opportunities masked under difficult situations. Consequently, our inspiration level to create and contribute drops or not sustained, and we go on missing the simplicity and valuable experiences in life.

As soon as we realize the potential damage of this mistake, we must stop fully and laser focus our energy and wisdom on our controllable and significant projects and rub off all weaknesses forever.

Justice with self and forgiveness for others

Only sensible and sensitive option in case we see others at fault is to forgive and learn from others mistake too. Are we supporting that fault in others in any way? If yes, then can we stop and non-cooperate? Moreover, largely we need to focus on our mistakes only and keep correcting this direction of focus on self until it becomes our nature.

Introspective look and attention dissolves the drivers of mistakes as the light of self-awareness contains the healing power. We all admire deeply childlike innocence but don’t do justice with self in the context of mistakes happening by us, and keep repeating same mistakes over and over. We forgive self and judge others; the need is to do justice to self (where we have control) and forgive others.

Simple approach to do justice to self

  • Be gentle and patient with yourself. Patience can give magical results and rigid control and ambitious mode may hinder the natural catharsis.
  • Try and find the underlying cause and not just the external details. What are the drivers of mistakes each time, which could be common for most? This will develop awareness and improve self-learning.
  • Never feel guilty and firmly assert innocence during introspection process. Interestingly, we become unconscious while doing a mistake, repent later and repeat when given the next chance. The whole cycle is vicious and unconscious, we can end simply by being alert, not feeling guilty and taking measures to not repeat the same mistakes over and over.

This is the very effective self-built judicial system for our growth and protection from internal enemies like ego, judgment and fake behaviors.

Call to action  – follow 2 golden thumb rules

  1. Never see faults in others.
  2. Do justice with self and hold forgiveness or compassion for others’ mistakes.

It’s beauty and honesty in our life which will inspire others to change positively, and not fault finding or evil-eyeing. Everyone is well aware of their faults, all that they need is the loving support to get over.

Love and Regards,

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