Small Beginnings are Secrets to Change

Over the period I have observed myself and others spending a great amount of time in research and planning and less on integration in life. Similarly, one more foolish pattern we quite often repeat – not considering wisdom gained from earlier failures and successes into action plans to start a new habit or unlearning a bad one. We fail as a result and label transformation as impossible.

One unnoticed reason for low self-confidence is – we are not able to stick to what we decide. As a result, we hold low self-worth image and succumb to hopelessness and a pile of self-defeating mental patterns. Mainly because we don’t realize the power of less and little changes that can make all the difference in transformation.

In reality, our failures can become great teachers and require the bit of analysis and curious mindset.  Every failure holds the secret of success for next attempt, so we need to continually learn and adapt until we achieve flow. Once we are in flow, then everything is fun and easy.

Key considerations for building new habit

These have helped me personally in building some solid habits and dropping painful ones.

  • Start easy, small, slow and build on top of that the next layer of increment, gradually and confidently.
  • Take help of some reminders. Review regularly and keep revising until it suits and fits best into our psyche and daily routine.
  • Rejoice the process of change itself, encourage yourself and send constructive feedback to the brain, avoid judging interim failures from rotten mindsets. 
  • Consciously choose something that matters to us the most – relevant and imp.
  • Let’s not overwhelm ourselves with too many changes. e.g. only plan 3 or 4 at max, one by one, in a year.

We need to give enough space and time to ourselves, as another cause of failure in past is hurry, greed and too many simultaneous changes which make the process of transformation overwhelming and not an enjoyable affair. Quantity doesn’t matter but success coming in small packets build up the base for taking challenging projects and executing successfully. After giving due time and attention every change crystallizes in being and naturally sustained in routine without any willpower.

Best wishes for continual learning!


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