Purpose driven Life – Why What & How

Why is it important? 

The two most important days in your LIFE are the day you were BORN, and the day you find out WHY. – Mark Twain

Deepak Chopra says, we need to hold on to one pointed intention, worthy off-course, the infinite power of existence will orchestrate details for us, with least effort.

Another great master, passionate and loving personality from India, Swami Ramsukhdas Ji, lived 100+ yrs. and served millions through his passion for finding super-easy solutions for human wellness. Contribution % in success, as per his point of view is

  • Singleness and firmness of Purpose – 95%
  • Emotion  – 4%,
  • Action     – 1%.

I messed up many times with the purpose elements – singleness & firmness – and lost many years in finding out the blockers to progress, but got my attention by the grace of masters on the importance of purpose in life. Once realized, ensuring this factor then became my fundamental spiritual practice.

Frustration is destined if we don’t take the clues

This one is very important. If our deepest intent is not aligned to spiritual laws, then we would continue to feel inner lack, depleted energy, and some sort of fear and worries, uphill and struggling experiences, frustrations and hopelessness. We might nourish long-term judgment and rigid point of views. And all these are signals from nature to let us know that we have gone wrong somewhere in our intentions. And we are standing in opposition to our own being. We must be alert enough to recognize these signals and take necessary steps to not let our lives become uninspired, boring and empty. Sooner we act, better it is.

We all share a common purpose

The key question here is, can all human beings have a different purpose in opposition to each other? Obviously NO, that would be a real mess. And nature can never have such a faulty design for humans. Moreover, we all aspire same values and have common deeper needs – zero down on fears/restrictions, attain steady happiness and deep love. This also intuitively tells that we all share a common purpose.

What is our Purpose and how we achieve?

As per distilled wisdom, final crux from masters and results of my alignment with their teachings, the ultimate purpose is MAKING OUR LIFE USEFUL to ALL.

How can we make our life useful to all?

Basic mandatory step 

The first step towards purpose is to drop fully the wrongs, foolishness, and mistakes that we know of for sure in our comprehension limits. Introspection gives clarity on the plan of action ensuring steady progress in dropping all unwanted stuff. This way we contribute to the whole world by not adding any further negativity and serving naturally through love and compassion that flowers when all ego and negativity is dropped. This requires no money, power or external action.

Being useful to society 

Driven by compassion and empathy, we naturally contribute to society in our capacities. This adds beauty to the world and we feel contributing. The care we need to take here is to expect nothing in return. This not-expecting keeps us free, detached and ever relaxed.

How can we be useful to even God?

By offering pure love in the way we feel natural. ‘Pure‘ adjective to love denotes the absence of self-interest and expectations. Just as we love our kids, and do numerous things solely for their happiness. Similarly, we can connect and relate to God. We have quite many examples of great devotees to read and understand this aspect. But for some of us, a question may come, what if we don’t believe in God? That’s okay too if we are able to give love to all, that is a kind of loving Him only.

How to be useful to ourselves?

Step 1 ensures peace, access to the continuum of life, steady bliss, and freedom. The only thing we need is the realization of the futility of all the burden we carry. If we stop itching and pitching in negativity then we have done the greatest good to ourselves. We would contemplate in due detail imp aspects in above four areas in future posts, but mentioning few key issues and complications below, getting past over these would be truly liberating. Isn’t it?

  • Finding faults and loopholes in others
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Fear of various kinds
  • Worrying about future, insecurity
  • Never-ending-desires
  • Compulsive thinking
  • Procrastination
  • Priority dilution
  • Confusion  / Self doubt
  • Possessiveness of things and relations
  • Greed to achieve more n more, hurry to reach somewhere, basically some kind of restlessness
  • Anger, jealousy, hatred
  • Attachment of diff flavors – people, mobile, net, alcohol etc.
  • Self-pity and guilt
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Shame, inhibitions
  • Fake behavior and thinking
  • Over-dependence on anything
  • Seeking name n fame, dying for credit
  • Said / unsaid expectations from family/ friends/ others

The list seems horrifying but in reality, solving even one area properly gives clue for the rest, and purpose is like a compass on this journey of personal growth, and determination is the fuel.

One other reason why most books or articles fail to transform our lives is that we don’t pause and reflect. We are in hurry to move on to next page, next article, next task and this speed is a great thief of time. Speed seems to save time but in reality, it robs us of energy and time, and keeps us busy something or the other – all day – whole life!

Call To Action

Absorb what you liked and felt important. Read relevant again and again, contemplate, accept deeply the importance of singleness and firmness of purpose, and value the purpose driven life. The more determined you are in your purpose of making life useful to all, the more support you will get from the environment in all possible ways.

Let’s pray for all of us that our lives be useful to all.

Love and regards,

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