Sat-Sang: How To Connect With Your Boundless Being

There comes a time in our life when every technique, mental model or belief we depend upon fails to support and strengthen us from within and we feel the lack of succor needed to bounce back, to set matters right, to unlearn our unhealthy habits, to eliminate the false and faulty behaviors. It feels utterly powerless in those weak moments, nothing seems to work and help. We feel low on inspiration, mentally stressed and hopeless in applying our wisdom and as a result, our attention dwells more in failures and negativity.

Such a situation is ripe to instill deeply the importance of Stillness or Sat-sang. Because Sat-sang is the ultimate solution and a boon in battery-down moments.

Sat-sang gives courage and patience when we feel hopeless and are on the verge of quitting.

Sat-sang can be done in many ways, one of the simple approaches is to find few moments of stillness and connect within – the ever-relaxed core of our being – which always gives the strength to move on in our truly, only, ultimate project called LIFE.

The only challenge is the willingness to access and count on as our ultimate Home. 

Let’s begin:

What is Sat-Sang? 

Term Sat-Sang is made of two Hindi words: Sat & Sang. Sat refers to ultimate truth, the core element, the essential stuff all things are made of, the one that alone exists and is unchangeable and permeating through and supporting all changes. Sang means accompanying, getting connected to.  Sat-Sang literally means come in the company of Boundless version of Self – our core Being – the restful and ever unperturbed center of all strength and inspiration.

It can be accessed directly by being silent and finding relaxed space, saying YES to what IS and EXISTS EVER. Or it can be indirectly approached by removing false and faulty behaviors and leaving behind nothing but our shining core of boundless unobscured Being. Both aspects are referred and defined as Sat-Sang.

In other words, we can also say, it is our collaboration with the Infinite for silence, power, clarity, inspiration, meaning and belongingness.

Why we need Sat-sang and how it can solve our life issues?

In previous posts – alignment to life’s purpose and three core mistakes – have stressed the criticality of eliminating mistakes, vices, and weaknesses for personal growth and being useful to family and society at large. This is the fundamental and effective way of solving life issues and attaining fullness, quality, and meaning in life. Sat-sang enables this by making us access the source of all goodness and strength, and accessing such a source also gives us the power to relinquish the false in our life.

Power is commonly misunderstood as something with which we can do whatever we want to but that’s not the case – this is the childish definition of power. Real power means we can:

  • Hold back ourselves from doing what we should not do.
  • Hold back ourselves from thinking and worrying what we need not or should not.
  • Eliminate harmful beliefs, dogmas, mental blocks which block success and love. Ability to disapprove and release unexamined assumptions is real power.

This real power is renewed and topped up when we value Sat-sang and take it as the first and foremost duty and clearly recognize the importance of it. We hold in our hearts that securing Sat-sang IS the most meaningful and effective pursuit of life.

Once again, the gist of all we really have to do, to be useful to ALL and achieve personal power, is simply this –

  • Only look at our faults and weaknesses and no need to find in others as that is another crippling tendency most of us have developed. The direction of inner work is rectified; it’s self and not others. May read judgment post for more details.
  • If we have confused view of our faults, then we just need to work on only the CLEAR ones and park the rest, which may become clear as we grow in consciousness. This assures clarity.
  • We always have freedom to ignore what others see in us or say about. Trusting their opinions may create confusion, arguments, and conflicts but whatever faults I see in my own light of wisdom can be picked to improve upon undoubtedly. As I am the best-informed person on my inside. That reduces the external dependency for guidance, assures doubtlessness and encourages determined moves.
  • Let’s say if I smoke and see it as weakness but it’s something that I feel shaky to give up then I can pick up on an easy area to begin to eliminate or otherwise deconstruct intimidating tasks into simpler chunks to make it appear tiny and doable, so that saying NO becomes impossibly difficult and starting becomes easier. On the way, this will develop into steady progress and small successes will add up to boost our confidence and heal the hopelessness accumulated as a result of past failures.

This narrows down the work area tremendously and helps me to laser focus only on my faults ( the controllable); in my view; totally clear; simple or deconstructed into simple chunks, and most importantly we conceive it as doable and feel motivated to begin.  

Sat-sang on top of above crystallized and narrowed work area enables the access to the inner power to deal life’s problems in an effortless and fundamental way – not through any mental or moral practice. It gives a holistic view of life and unconditioned perspectives to lead a natural and happy life. It brings out the best in us, the fragrance of our Being in our work, life, and relations. It helps us to remain original, fearless and non-defensive.

Q. When Sat-sang means connection with Self, and we are with our Self all the time – we are already in Sat-Sang, isn’t it?

No. We are there where our attention flows and our attention flows whatever we give importance to. If we give importance to false, which does not exist then we are living in false hopes and structures and not in immutable Self. For example yesterday I watched on TV a case where a daughter in confusion, doubt and sheer possessiveness for her boyfriend got involved in planning the murder of her own mother, who was innocent, and she succeeded in the second attempt. She was with self, theoretically, but her real version was obscured with insecurity and possessive feelings creating a false perspective and heinous crime.

So, all depends on what we consider as true, attractive, of worth, lasting, and important. Our attention flows towards that and thinking too serves the false perspectives. We are with Self if we accept it’s existence and truth.

Q. Is reading or listening something inspirational, motivational lectures also a kind of Sat-Sang? 

No, not actually. It can be a helpful step towards Sat-Sang if content is relevant and clear and facilitates us to identify clearly our core mistakes. It may increase the degree of clarity but Sat-sang is something direct and pivotal in doing the elimination part post-identification. Study of scriptures, attending lectures, and reading self-help books are helpful steps in the identification of false i.e. brings closer to Sat-Sang but should not be overdone, and should be used to identify our current problem and solution and not get addicted to reading/listening. Identifying our core mistakes is preliminary step and preparedness to drop the false is the real challenge.

Secondly, reading and listening can be a distraction too if overdone or pushed to less important areas of life, which will end in time and benefit nothing significant. So content should be relevant, clear, aligned to the purpose, and taken in needful quantities to avoid addictive dependency. As energy and time are limited and implementation or direct access to ISNESS should be valued more. Sat-sang is real and powerful means to get over the core mistakes. Direct and lasting effects come from Sat-Sang only.

Q. How can we practice Sat-sang?

Sat-sang is not a practice. It is the acceptance of Sat or the Truth. It is removing the false in us.

It is the non-cooperation with the tendencies of seeking pleasure, power, and security outside of Self, hoarding money or seeking attention. It is based on the real and inherent power of ISNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS, which doesn’t need external approval and has intrinsic value and authority of its own.

Q. So what should we do to be in/create Sat-Sang

I will detail 3 fundamental aspects of Sat-sang and there are 5-6 experiential recommendations about the ways of Sat-Sang from mentors and Sages which will be covered one by one in next 4-5 posts.

Fundamental aspects of Sat-Sang:

  • It’s about the elimination of false –  For example, we are constantly experiencing in life the fact that desires never get fulfilled and invariably leave us in waiting and wanting mode. Turning away from desire-driven life and accepting the need of purpose driven life is Sat-sang. One of our unconscious foolishness is to live in false hopes given by desires and daydreams. Desires have cheated on us by promising fulfillment in the beginning and ending in short-lived joy and a replacement desire to continue waiting further in next vicious iteration. Can read more on mechanics of desire in the previous post: desire-driven life.
  • It is deep acceptance of the truth –  We belong to the Creator as we are non-changeable and experience so, the sameness of being, since childhood. But our bodies change more than 90% in 2 years, almost fully in 7 years, almost every organ in few months. In all these constantly changing inside and outside we are constant and unchangeable and so is the Creator of whom we are a speck. We are fundamentally one with HIM but we don’t value and accept the belongingness with HIM and rather live in the falsity of ever-connectedness to body-mind and the world, which is actually fleeting every second. This reversed connection is the root cause of all sufferings and setting it right back in order is Sat-Sang. We need to ACCEPT the belongingness to HIM and disapprove falsely-assumed connection to the mind-body-world. Such an acceptance is Sat-sang, it is like a shift of mindset a girl goes through post marriage.
  • Sat-Sang is non-cooperation with the weakening and deceitful tendencies of mind and senses. For example, mind habitually dwells into useless worries, daydreaming, undoable plans, takes the burden of lined up work, fights for due/undue credit, slips into past/future quite frequently, harbors negative emotions and traumas, entertains feelings of anger, jealousy, guilt, and insecurity. All this leak away the fresh energy sanctioned after a sound sleep. But sadly, all this happens with our approval and cooperation. Non-cooperation reclaims the energy and natural control over the mind and senses. Wisdom drives our life and not the whims and fancies of untrained and uneducated mind.

Satsang is not any kind of practice but just eliminating false and discovering the bare truth. The approach may vary from person to person – one may choose to directly experience the truth as it is and let the false drop by itself. Or someone may approach by dropping the false first and finding the ever present truth thereafter. But one thing is sure it is not a practice, it is not creating anything new, but about finding and discovering the truth that already exists – now and always.

Sat-sang, in short, is the elimination of false or acceptance of truth. 

Call to action

The takeaway in this post is understanding and importance around Sat-Sang and fundamental role it plays in helping us to go beyond false. We have been trained on the importance of activity too much and that comes in a way of learning new secrets of spontaneous growth and fulfillment.

Sat-Sang is not gradual nor it is to do with any mental or physical practice, is another key takeaway.

Sat-Sang is all about acceptance of truth, elimination of false and non-cooperation with harmful tendencies of the mind.  

Giving up desire driven life and aligning to common ultimate purpose is an example of Sat-Sang.

Accepting the ever-existing fundamental connection with Sat and giving up the false identification with body-mind as me and mine is another solid example of Sat-Sang.

It is fundamental, effortless and based on inherent wisdom, courage, and self-enquiry.

Feel free to trigger any questions on Sat-sang, which will not only help you but me as well to understand the areas where I am not getting across well. It is the extended learning we may create in the process.

May God bless us with one of HIS finest treasure – Sat-Sang,




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  1. Amazing post…Truly lifts u in the hard times and is a perfect guide to eliminate all our faults and false habits picked by us unconsciously….
    Thank you for such a lovely post….

  2. Nice crux of Satsang !! The emphasis that it is not any kind of practice but deep acceptance of the ‘Truth’, our ultimate belongingness to HIM — is reassuring and will help in avoiding identification with practices.
    The beauty is, it crosses boundaries of all human differences age, gender, race, nationality, religions ..leading to THE ONE unifying Truth, we all share as humans.

    “In the realm of Stillness my ego dissolves, I meet my Being there and without even asking for, my solutions evolve”
    Cheers and Good Luck !!

  3. Lucid and nicely explained . Key lies in the practice. The key is why I am not following all this.

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