Top life-hacks for the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is our basic nature and is always there but the fact is that we are getting away from it if we search it outside in pleasures, ambition, power, and possessions — which are simply ego symbols. Ego and it’s endless wants” is the source of all sufferings. Happiness is the essential fabric of our being. Vedas, the ancient scriptures, declare that soul has infinite attributes and three common and essential ones experienced by every seer are Sat, Chit, Anand:

SAT — The element of is-ness — the continuum of existence.
CHIT — The element of knowing-ness — with which all learning and wisdom become possible to humans.
Anand — Supreme Joy — the bliss or steady happiness. It is the total absence of sufferings and has no dependencies. It has no opposite like pleasure is followed inevitably by pain.

These three are essential ingredients of every soul and one does not need to do anything to experience it. But these are obscured by desires, ignorance, and disregard of one’s own intelligence and that of the inner voice of conscience. Few tips and tweaks in the routine and attitude to align to happiness ever-present inside given below. These are based on my life lessons, and experiments of trying to find steady-happiness and become a better person.

  • Keep minimum and essential desires but aim higher and for the benefit of all.
  • Dream to solve a problem that is big and worthy of your view.
  • Focus on process and not on the outcomes.
  • Keep working to your full potential and towards a meaningful goal. Nothing feels better than trying your best.
  • Share what you can out of love and humanity and do not expect the returns from the same person. Returns can be just opposite but you have the freedom to learn from it and understand that the person didn’t understand and teaching you who should you give and who shouldn’t.
  • Keep learning from your mistakes, those are your real treasures — the Guru within.
  • Make best of your days by learning productivity principles, 3 of these given below:
  • 1. Finish most important tasks in early and energetic hours of day
  • 2. Take one task at a time, finish it, then take a break and move on to next. Avoid multi-tasking, hurrying. Balance activity and rest wisely.
  • 3. Start super-small, graduate in size slowly, keep one change at a time in focus, and enjoy the change rather than what you get of it.
  • Keep journaling daily and reviewing what we can shed off and lean into being effective and efficient. Effective means right choices and efficient means right techniques.
  • Savor your life, relationships, day-to-day experiences rather than rushing through it. The ultimate luxury is to live an uncrushed life and taking too many possessions as the cause of your happiness is a grave mistake.
  • Keep praying and trying your utmost to remain non-judgmental for others and situations, accept things which are not in your control.
  • Take care to do best and in right most manner i.e. with loving care whatever in your hands.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude for everyone and everything you feel contributing to your life.
  • Avoid jealousy, competition, comparison: these traits help none and consume the person from inside who hosts it.
  • Share what you have in plenty with who have lack of it, be it a thing, money, understanding, abilities, strength or learning from experiments.
  • Cut down on expenses if you are not earning. If you are earning then direct your expenses to what is satisfying and adds value rather than indulging in useless pleasures and accumulation of costly articles and possessions. Go for experiences which expand your heart and brain rather than expensive articles boosting your ego and fear of losing them.
  • Last but not least, whoever you trust: God, Self, Destiny — THAT SHOULD BE TOTAL.

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