How to Gain More Power & Sustain it

What one needs badly and believes in defines the core personality of a human being. With 3-4 months of writing answers on Quora questions, I can categorize most questions asked in below categories, mostly youngsters, who want to know how to

  • Succeed in life – which by most means money, position, and attention
  • Succeed easily using a shortcut or a technique
  • Succeed speedily
  • Gain strength and capability to attain success
  • Handle difficult emotions – loneliness, anger, jealousy, negativity, shame etc.
  • Handle difficult situations – stress, work-life balance, lose focus, overwhelm
  • Develop skills and habits to churn out more at amazing rate
  • Be free of one’s own negative patterns and habits developed unconsciously

Out of these, the frequency was high for hunger for success, which in turn meant hunger for power, money, and prestige. Today, let us contemplate on why we need more power and knowledge and for above problem categories which ones we need power, which ones need external knowledge, and which ones just need a little awakening of power and wisdom already present in humans.

Alignment of our Definition of Power

Like most, I used to believe that power means strength to achieve more, be able to compete with others fiercely and defeat them, make them feel jealous of your new heights of success and achievements, to conceive high and make tireless efforts to achieve it and prove yourself a hero in the opinion of others. By the grace of great sages and studying Bhagwat Gita, it became quite clear that our aims and understanding of aims itself is not correct.

We miss from the start. We aim a wrong target and create our whole belief system around it to be successful in what we decided. Our beliefs are standing on false structures, so much so, that most of the times it is a real success to fail in those projects to preserve our happiness and innocence, as success in the wrong direction may reinforce false structures and inject arrogance which invariably takes us away from our true Home.

Real Definition of Power

Power doesn’t mean you can do what you want to do, that’s slavery to your whims and fancies, in reality, a person is said to be in power when he is able to NOT do and hold back from what should not be done as perceived in his comprehension limits. 

How simple, profound and yet achievable to all as it requires no external things or help, nor it has any kind of dependencies except one’s own diehard willingness, which will become intense once we accept the need and importance of it.

With this perspective of power, now look at the problems I mentioned in beginning. How many of these are created because of our missing on the understanding of power, real purpose, and the idea of success? Almost all, isn’t? If we get this then our need of hour will not be to gain more power, more knowledge but more self-control, silences, unrushed attitude, empathy and awakening in life, to be able to stop misuse and leakage of wisdom and energy.

We are speaking where we shouldn’t, we are taking a negative interest in others’ lives ruining our time and relationship with them, indulging in lazy entertainments for long hours, watching the crap news over and over, and realizing again the loss of a wasted day before sleep. We are losing life due to such habits and this is really a sorry state making us addicted, frustrated, and remaining stuck in life in all the matters which really matter like eating healthy, exercising regularly, making contributions in others life, learning meditation, being aware of dots that incredible universal intelligence connecting with us and leading to new possibilities, deepening meaningful relationships including with Self or Life itself.

Major problems & hurdles in life are because of NOT being able to

  • Stop misuse of available powers and capabilities
  • Handle difficult situations by staying in-control
  • Handle overwhelm by staying tuned to being, prioritizing,  and finishing off one by one, and leaving undone to next day. Some work will always be there until last breath, so let go some to next day.
  • Say NO to unnecessary or not-so-sure commitments. Saying NO is hard but the key ability of a learner.
  • Let go what we cannot control
  • Detach from the outcome of actions and keep thinking about it affecting the focus on process, which is a key factor for success in what we do.
  • Let go of old hurts and forgive people who used us as means to an end, did some harm, or participating in damaging our image out of jealousy, ill-will or competition.
  • Stop thinking unnecessary, negative, and tiringly repetitive thoughts
  • Stop in our intending harms, feeling jealous for others’ success and supporting harmful thoughts which are not aligned with the greater purpose of establishing a loving connection with all.
  • Stop judging others or finding faults in them or looking at their duties and missing ours.

If we grasp and get fully convinced on right understanding of power then how much of our problems will fall apart!

Right Use of Power

Power, if used in the right direction, unlocks hidden potential and good surprises enriching our lives and of our influence circles through selfless contribution and our quality living.

The first thing to understand is right use becomes natural once we resolve our incapability to misuse available power. Without that, we feel we are doing good to others or growing in life but there isn’t any significant progress really. In fact, our soul gets burdened more with the arrogance of doing good to others or achieving more than others.

Right use of power is to

  • First and foremost: be able to stop from what we should not do.
  • Defend and serve the weaker section
  • Create, contribute and bring smiles, surprises, and inspiration to many to be better, to perform passionately, and to serve and love all.
  • Create an environment for cooperative growth and harmony.
  • Living in togetherness and love in spite of differences in thinking and beliefs.

Power deployed in service of the stronger section with expectations of returns and benefits is a dependency, a compulsion and doesn’t feels good, while service of weaker and needy section out of compassion, is true service of the Existence. Anything done out of love without expectations is worship of Lord.

How do we gain more power and sustain it

  • Stop misuse fully and forever. This will sustain the power and enable us to make use of strengths and capabilities freely. In fear or greed, one loses right perspectives, right use and mostly get driven by whims and fancies or is on the other extreme living in fear. Which gives rise to many mental illnesses and depleted energy states. If one wants to sustain the progress and increase power then he/she must align with principles of Universe, which is primarily to NEVER misuse it for selfish reasons or harm anyone out of greed or fear.
  • Solve your problems and those of others you can extend help. We gain more and more strength by
    1. Facing and solving problems.
    2. Initiating something which is valuable and challenges your comfort zone.
    3. Helping others in their worthy objectives and when in need for essentials
    4. Proactively solving some issue of society based on inner calling.
    5. Taking up more responsibilities and ownership of the team, family, and worthy projects in larger interests.
    6. Preferring win-win solutions over selfish targets.
    7. Preferring patience over speed and hard work over shortcuts
    8. Not giving in to confusions, guilt, shame, and fears and remaining worry-free with a firm belief in either the Almighty or Self or law of Karma/Destiny.
    9. Regular tracking of self-improvements and misses.

If we remain fearless then we can use what is available to us freely, effectively, and efficiently. And if we remain free from worries of future then we will get more and more strength to achieve higher peaks of performances. But worries can never be pushed away for long if we misuse our powers i.e. what we have just for a short life-period.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes for a simple, sensible, worry-free, and a fearless life. May you be blessed with valuable insights, loads of self-learning, prosperity, and physical and emotional richness in the coming year, 2018.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for encouraging me throughout the year with your participation in reading, commenting and passing on silent best wishes!

Love and regards,

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  1. Wow… this is an eye opener. I am gladly surprised that our understanding of ‘Power’ has been so wrong…it is actually the ability to hold ourselves back from doing what’s not right….. powerful indeed.

  2. Yes..really! It’s a great surprise to see self and others keep running on the wrong side and creating so many issues in life and useless dependencies! Knowing correct version of needs is truly a liberating experience.

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