How do I stop wasting time

Yes, I believe it is possible and I am trying to achieve the same. I am not sure how far I have succeeded but in aiming and trying for it I am getting a good deal of benefits which was not possible otherwise. Although there are other factors contributing to my self-control but valuing time as ultimate wealth and placing it much more than money is helping me in managing it well, and prioritizing things as I should.

Tips for carving out more time from your day:

  1. Simplify and eliminate the time-consuming factors — toxic relationships, half-hearted involvements, ongoing mental chatter, not-so-sure but-still-doing attitude. Detoxify your routines properly, patiently and firmly.
  2. Declutter and keep minimum and needful things in focus. And your workplace just the essential and shining i.e. well organized.
  3. Prioritize and stick to it. Do not celebrate or consider your day productive until you have addressed the important tasks decided for the day.
  4. Do less but important ones and in the productive hours of your day i.e. in the morning.
  5. Do not take small amounts of time losses lightly and waste that in gossip, extended T-breaks or around the finishing timelines of tasks or starting late to tasks.
  6. Rise early to maximize your productivity. A lot depends on how less our thoughts are spinning in our minds. In the morning when there is quietude then it is really much easier to focus on what is important than during noon or busier part of the day.
  7. Refocus when you feel lost by taking short focus break and find some moments of stillness and bouncing back as per the priorities. It takes courage but if we delay then we are making it harder.
  8. The Solution in most stuck cases is to get started no matter how small. When we are stuck we don’t realize but lose a lot of time and keep thinking and starting in our heads. That not only leaks our inspirational energy but tires us and makes us succumb to easy and lazy entertainments. Get started, get moving, and you will see the magic of small actions and small movements.
  9. Develop healthy habits and get rid of bad ones, one by one, diligently and patiently.
  10. Stay away from phone, internet, and connectivity until you have done the important tasks of the day. Wipe off all distractions given by internet by disconnecting ruthlessly until you are done with key tasks in the day.
  11. Separate the focus periods and distraction periods. Club all small and ever-branching tasks in distraction period. Do not allow the urges to check again and again the messages, FB, whats-app or likes in between your focus periods.


7 Replies to “How do I stop wasting time”

  1. Good list created. it needs lots of awareness to observe these small things. Many times I feel that something wrong is happening but can’t really abstract it out. like the point 5 in your list… I’ve been delaying many of my work items by taking breaks at wrong time and hence wasting time.

    Cheers and keep it up.

  2. Wonderful post…it has pin pointed all our common mistakes that we realise somewhere deep within, but aren’t able to catch hold of them…
    Keep sharing!!🙆🙆

  3. yes, thanks. I am failing in many of these, that’s the fun part. But anyway whenever I recall old pattern taking over my conscious decision/learning, I try best to avoid using the older route of the brain.


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