Be open Be hungry and Remain Blessed

Spirituality is not a fashion but essential way of life. Where we stay open to mystics and sages blessings that may come in form of presence, energy, texts, thoughts, or recorded earnestness in form of video or audio clips. If we remain in silly arrogance that we know all or enough and there is no need to learn or listen more to be happy or fulfilled or feel blessed. Though, that is true at some level, that whatever you have that is enough for your progress, if valued and used correctly and sensibly. But your forgetfulness of purpose, ego and know-all attitude, desires, you’re not being open to valuable blessings, might powerfully come in your way of being a person you ought to be. And for steady happiness and to fulfill your deeper needs, you may keep chasing your tail all your life.

Therefore, we may be knowing enough but staying open, humble, keen to learn more, help in applying what we know as valuable. Hunger to know more and humility to receive well often reminds and turns our attention to the most important pieces of knowledge that we know but we were not applying. So, learning is not always knowing what you don’t know but more about awakening your best pieces that you have already, increasing the reality index and value of it, and creating the required positive pressure for you to make the shift of awareness from false to the truth, from mundane to priority, from confusion to clarity. And above all, readiness to pay the price whatever it takes.

If you are ready to pay the price then nothing is really impossible for you.

You can achieve super success in your career or even change it if you are thinking of making the shift since long and ride on something close to your heart.

You can grow physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually if you are open to blessings and ready to persevere and perspire.

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