How do I develop willpower, laser focus & get peace

Laser focus can be developed mainly through meditation and choose to do one and only one at a time, and ignoring all other greedy or fearful thoughts while doing that one thing. Other additional supporting tips outlined below in laser focus title.

Knowing what is your true will is the key to develop willpower.

Peace is not far, it is our very home, if and only if we use our discerning power to filter out useless desires.


It develops when you start valuing your own will and follow it persistently. And your will doesn’t change every now and then. That will is deep and has a cause, a deeper reason.

You can start observing yourself and you have to first figure out what is your will, that itself is a major work. What you do, where you are in and where you are heading to – total clarity on what you really really want in life?

Once you have figured out what is your true will, then next steps:

  • Take baby steps and increase gradually the difficulty level after gaining some confidence.
  • Be consistent at any cost. Keep less on your action plate but priority ones only, and be all in to complete it, no matter how hard it gets.
  • Value your invaluable learning that has come from life experiences in past. Don’t ignore your inner Guru and be discerning.
  • Try your best and pray constantly to not repeat mistakes and not do what you should not be doing as a human being.


Peace is not an easy thing, to be frank, but not impossible too, and the solution is totally in your hands. Having tried so many angles to find some easy ways and shortcuts, what I found the most effective, leave the desires, at least the useless ones, which have no connection to larger interests or any real need of your life.

Firstly, analyze your desires. Trash as many as you can, particularly those you yourself consider worthless or pointless or heartless (not good for others). And then give a priority number to the important ones. Take one desire at a time and dedicate all your efforts and diligence there. That will mobilize your resources and unstick you from thinking and day-dreaming.

Having vision is a totally different thing than getting lost in day-dreams 100 times in a day. Vision is always connected to solving a problem in society, about creating something inspiring, about expressing your core self, and is connected to using your talents that you can’t avoid exercising. You would anyway develop those whether you get anything in return or not, that is vision or passionate working. Get this difference clear and stay away from day-dreams, if you value peace in life. Focus on what you have, thank quite often, and work hard in a dedicated way to create and serve, then your real needs will automatically be addressed at perfect times.

Laser Focus

Some tips to better your focus and keep it increasingly improving are:

  • Do not get into many tasks or projects at the same time. Keep it limited, best possible just one. One change at a time.
  • Do not start another task until you are done completely on first or if not complete but a logical chunk of it is done to satisfaction. Jumping on to next without completing the first dissolves the priority, intensity, and quality. Moreover, the risk of not completing first is increased, as you may get further distracted to 3rd, 4th and so on, without getting chance to come back to the 1st task, which was left in midway. This improves determination and grit as well.
  • Declutter your space and simplify life to keep distractions away or eliminate as many as possible. Clear your desk. Keep mobile in airplane mode, and other notifications off when you are working, studying or creating something. Separate the two; creating time & communications or connectivity time.
  • Slow down and savor life. Do things one by one and one at a time slowly giving full time and full attention to it. This is mindfulness which awakens us to this moment, the fullness of it, and improves the degree of presence in all your ordinary or special tasks. That gives you happiness too.
  • Avoid compulsive thinking, daydreaming as much as possible. Know sub-skills of handling compulsive thoughts. Why thoughts overcrowd and what’s the way to manage them. How not to react, not judge your thoughts. Don’t identify with those as your thoughts, those are just thoughts and let them go unattended.
  • Edit your commitments, un-commit the ones you are not sure of. Saying yes is easy but NO is hard and need of the hour in this age of distractions. Know your direction and don’t take every opportunity as real, it can be a distraction too, if not congruent with your life purpose and direction. Do keep less and well-thought ones in your focus.
  • Utilize best hours of the day, which are morning hours. Build a tight morning schedule to make the best use of your energy gained after a night’s sleep. The focus is directly related to quality energy, so save it from whatever sources you can.
  • Take restful breaks in between. If you are hooked on something for long then detach and take comfort breaks. This improves brain health and replenishes many essential chemicals. Such detachment and small restful breaks can enhance our energy levels and productivity manifold. Moreover, you would not come across easily the situations of feeling burned out.
  • Pay more attention to the process, cherish it and do not be swayed in thinking about future or outcomes. Attachment to work in hand and detachment to the outcome is the perfect combination for achieving best results.
  • Do not stop working on self even if you feel you have become good at it. Stopping may drag us back to the starting point, as nothing in this universe stays constant, either you move upward or otherwise, old inertia will push you downward. Keep learning and moving, no matter how little and slow, but keep moving forward.
  • Practice Gratitude: Share the credit of good results with God, Nature, Parents, and team. Thank as many as possible, you felt contributed to your work. This keeps us free from the ego of “I AM doing this”, “ I have done so much”, “ I have done this/that “, “I will not let others take credit of my hard work”. To be able to do and get in the flow, sustain the momentum is itself a big success, rest is bound to happen, and those are details.
  • Meditate regularly – it improves detachment power and looking things from distance and in an impartial way, which helps in undoing unhealthy patterns and unwanted habits, and indirectly improves focus. 5 mins just after you wake-up and 5 mins before sleep, small session, may bring surprising benefits in long-term. Learn from a short article the key points about meditation that you should keep in mind – Important Not-to-do List of Meditation.

Hope it gives you good movement and unlocks your potential,

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