Wisdom is, extracted juice of life, as all experience come and go in the river of life, and we are left with what we learn from our experiences or others’. Here, adding distilled has some special purpose – language is really feeble in conveying the meaning that is felt in the heart but I am attempting to explain below through various definitions‚Ķ

The wisdom that has come from great masters, who valued their intelligence and used it for theirs and others’ long-term-benefit is Distilled Wisdom.

Distilled wisdom is practical, to the point and has all the essentials to succeed in life and unburden us from the unnecessary accumulation.

The wisdom that comes from our own day to day experiences and that is inherent in our soul, for which we need NOT go to any school or university is Distilled Wisdom.

When we value what we know which liberates us and compassion to live freely and be useful to mankind and the Creator through our loving and natural contributions. That aspect of valuing and applying intelligence is Distilled Wisdom.

The wisdom that connects people and spreads love, clarity and minimizes personal differences across different cultures is Distilled Wisdom.

The wisdom that helps us prioritize easily and flattens our overwhelm, tensions and negativity, is Distilled Wisdom.

My passion is to continually learn and share with everyone what really matters in life, and also to deepen self-learning and its application in life.

Wisdom awakens us to our real needs, common to all, those are

  • Fearlessness
  • Worry-free life
  • Courage to make changes and take timely decisions and own consequences
  • Freedom from fears and excitements, unconscious patterns, and weaknesses
  • Creative contributions and work satisfaction of adding one’s unique signature
  • Ability to give and receive pure and Unconditional love
May all-loving Existence bless us to make the best use of our abilities and time in self-evolution and creating a positive difference.