First and foremost resource for learning is YOU

You know best your inside out. All thoughts, dreams, desires, actions whether coming out of fear, greed or benevolence are not unknown to you. You know what is pinching you and what false in you is eating your self. You may lose your awareness in the fast-paced world but sooner or later you get to realize what’s done and why it was done.

When you journal your experiences daily then you find the abundant source of inspiration, learning, and clarity on your behaviors and inner drivers and improvements needed. More the improvement areas you discover more the chances of increasing your joy and richness of life manifold and eventually becoming a better person.

You become aware of the fact that you are far from real life and know the reasons why it is so and moreover those are in your control to trash out.

What else we all need to know? What else we need to do? 

Still, if you are hungry for some more resources then based on my research in last 20 years giving you links to texts and audios of two mystics, who were passionate and had great expertize in clarifying things to seekers. It doesn’t mean I am underrating other Gurus and Sages who are also contributing in incredible ways. I am ever indebted to all well-intentioned pioneers involved in deep work with taking humanity to a different level. Everything counts, everything affects, we all are connected and benefit from all positivity that is added to the Universe.

Reasons for limiting the resource links to two is that I don’t want to overwhelm my readers with so many resources and burden their information diet. Because handling too many choices and information load and choosing the suitable for self is another big challenge in the age of distractions. Moreover, my articles are primarily aimed to let you find the confidence that you already have everything you need to thrive in life and address all your deeper issues. Inspiration is easy to find when we are ready for perspiration!

Other great resources for continual learning( mostly in Hindi)

Swami Sharnanand Ji 

He was a revolutionary Sage, a mystic, and a great think tank. He brought altogether a fresh angle to every aspect of spiritual practice and shifted attention from rituals and practices to the contemplation of obvious and acceptance of truth using what is already packaged within every human being.  Sadly, he lost his eyesight at the age of 10, was exceptionally brainy and gained all wisdom and success through deep meditation and respecting his inner voice and life lessons. He was known for his deep and insightful approach to issues of life.

He invented many new and effortless ways to experience the ever-present reality. He amazed his contemporaries like J Krishnamurthy and other leaders like Dr. Rajendra Prasad, first president of India, J.P. Narayana with the free-spirited personality and unique way of researching the life solutions. Many famous saints and seekers of truth draw inspiration from his texts and audios even today and feel blessed.

His passion was to awaken humanity and believed immensely in the completeness of being a human. His approach was three-pronged and holistic involving effective use of action, learning, and faith.

He left this earth sometime in 1974, at the age of 74 years.  Its great opportunity to find his books and MP3s benevolently available to us on below link. Anyone who is serious about his progress in life must take benefit from it.

Swami Sharnannadji audios and books

Note: Sometime the site may be down, so do check sometime later or after 1-2 days.

Swami Ramsukhdas Ji

He is another contemporary of Swami Sharnanad Ji and lived longer until June 2005. Lived 100+ years (1904 to 2005). Both of the two saints had great respect and trust for each other. He was handed over by his mother at the age of 4 to Saints to shape his life in service of the world and in the lotus feet of Lord. He lectured for more than 75 years and was all time revered, loved and sought after Sage. He had an incredible routine, grit to help others realize the truth as quickly and easily as possible.

He invested all his life in people’s welfare, taking them to a higher plane of understanding and humanity. Moreover, he had a very strong sense of curiosity and hunger for learning new ways so that easy and fast methods and concepts to progress can be invented. He did found many subtle concepts and insights and shared with seekers who came to listen to him, benevolently.

His contribution to the world is immense and his books are the embodiment of inspiration, curious analysis, and compassion. Anyone having little curiosity and will to succeed can advantage from his works, in a very short span of time. All his resources are clubbed on below website for free.
Though present main this site, additionally giving links of 2 main books; “Sadhak Sanjeevani”, which is a meticulous commentary on Bhagwat Gita, and “Sadhan Sudha Sindhu” constituting a wide variety of topics and FAQs on devotion, supreme knowledge, Karma-Yoga, and on general pitfalls seekers get entangled into, you would feel blessed to read.

Hope you all benefit from such an invaluable resource created purely for the welfare of the whole human race.

If you find anything difficult to grasp and come up with doubts then feel free to drop me an email on, I will try to answer by email or post some blog or point to you on an existing one.

Best wishes for learning and internalization of knowledge,